What's in for you

Young Chakra World is a place for kids to find out about their mind/ body/ heart/ spirit connection through playing artistically with ChakraColorss. We motivate kids to link to their own instinct as a relied on compass for browsing life while learning how to think in themselves through their power of sincere voice + option in our world.

We offer a warm, safe and inviting environment at day camp for kids to explore their imagination through a vibrant connection with themselves, each other and Mother Earth. We appreciate all kids and motivate them to be themselves in revealing their own special presents they were born to share. We teach a mindfulness practice to cultivate a calm mind, link to our bodies and hearts through mindful breath so that we might know the best ways to self-relieve and share caring generosity in every minute.

Our MISSION is to influence ALL kids to learn more about our chakras and how vibrant food and ideas can add to a much deeper understanding of the Self. We are all linked as ONE through the rainbow of ChakraColorss and our INTENTION is for all kids to know that they are worthy of to feel vibrant within.